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Noshy Boy greeted his guests, “Hanukkah is the tastiest holiday of the year – latkes, donuts chocolate gelt!”

Kvetchy Boy sniffed and complained, “Yuck. I don’t like Hanukkah. It always smells like oil.”

“It’s a good thing, too,” said Shleppy Boy. “I shlepped this 10-pound bag of potatoes…




LOS ANGELES – Matzah Ball Books' sixth publication, Hanukkah With Noshy Boy and Friends, comes off the press in time to celebrate National Jewish Book Month.

In Hanukkah with Noshy Boy and Friends, the gang – Shmutzy Girl, Klutzy Boy, Shluffy Girl and more – turns into the Maccabees of ancient times as they reclaim the Temple, then celebrate the “tastiest holiday of the year” with latkes, donuts and gelt in true Noshy Boy style!

Book tour and event dates includes New Orleans (Nov 4, nojcc.org), San Diego (Nov 11, lfjcc.org), Orange County (Nov 11, jccoc.org) and Los Angeles (Dec 2, wcce.ajula.edu).

Consistent with an upsurge of endeavours to preserve Yiddish and Jewish culture, Matzah Ball Books was created to give children access to, understanding of and affinity for Yiddishisms. These fun and lively picture books, written and designed by Anne-Marie Asner, put the joy and color of Yiddish into a form young people adore.

Following the success of Shmutzy Girl, Noshy Boy, Shluffy Girl, Kvetchy Boy and Klutzy Boy, the first five titles in the Matzah Ball Books’ series of Yiddish-inspired children's picture books, Hanukkah With Noshy Boy and Friends is expecting the same warm welcome. The media has compared Shmutzy Girl favorably to the acclaimed Yiddish with Dick and Jane series (over 150,000 sold), and further praised its appeal to children. Due to high demand, all prior titles have gone to press for additional printings.

Written in English, each Matzah Ball book is named for a character with a Yiddish word that describes a central attribute of his or her personality. In each story, the protagonist learns a lesson connected with his or her namesake trait. For example, Kvetchy Boy learns when to complain and when not to; Shluffy Girl learns to schedule her life around her naps; and Noshy Boy learns which snacks are healthy and which are not.

Matzah Ball Books’ titles are sold worldwide via Barnes and Noble, Kar-Ben publishing, the National Yiddish Book Center and matzahballbooks.com, and a line of merchandise, comprised of children’s plate sets, T-shirts, lap tees and baby hats, has been launched.

Look for the Hanukkah with Noshy Boy and Friends animated, TV special, featuring Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore, Up!) as Zaide, due out 2013.

Author Anne-Marie Asner was born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in San Diego. She has written for the Jewish Observer, the LA Weekly, the Anti-Defamation League, and websites in the USA and abroad. Ms. Asner holds a master’s degree in Psychology from Brandeis University, where she also taught Sunday school for the Brandeis Jewish Education Program. She is an alumna of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation’s Master Class in Entertainment and is one of five grandchildren to her Yiddish-speaking bubbe. Ms. Asner resides in Los Angeles.

For more about Matzah Ball Books, or to order, visit matzahballbooks.com or contact:

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